Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Glutamin for TPN

As respond to Lai Peng's post on TPN :
  • Glutamine : as a cellular protective effect by converting to glutathione in cell (once uptaken). Glutathione will then exhibit antioxidant effect and prevent cellular and end-organ damage.

  • Glutamine improve cellular hydration, improve anabolic effect
  • Glutamine also improve immunological function by :

  • ↑ T-cell DNA Synthesis
  • ↑ Lymphocyte Counts
  • ↑ Macrophages Phargocytosi
  • ↑ Rate to restore IgA to Normal
  • ↑ Glutathione

  • ↓ Infections rate ; ↑ Survival Rate

SUMMARY OF RESEARCH FINDINGS (click the table to view it clearer)

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