Sunday, April 25, 2010

PRP Posting

Congratulations to all B106!! Now that it is over and done, the next big thing after convocation (the attire/shoes hunting, booking of hotels/plane tics for family etc.) and perhaps, graduation trip, at this juncture in your life is none other than the provisionally registered pharmacist (PRP) placement location.

By now, the uni would have gotten you all to fill up the necessary forms and what awaits you all is the SPA interview. My seniors had told me that whatever state you fill (for your posting) in the previous forms are not that important, it is THE FORM which you will be filling in during the day of SPA interview that you do have some time to think about it before your interview.

Now the interview is just a formality but a grand senior had told me that a few friends of hers
failed the interview. They were asked 'if we send you to sabah/sarawak, would you go?' and they answered 'no'. My senior's reasoning is that the gov is trying to see if we 'menurut perintah'so probably the political-correct-cum-neutral answer is 'I will go but I will be sad that I am leaving my parents in my home state'. (Disclaimer: I am no HR manager in the gov sector)

For fledgling pharmacists in overseas who would like to practise their PRP year (known as 'pre-reg' in UK) back home, do visit HERE as my friend ka keat has put up a comprehensive guide on PRP application.

But I digressed. Back to the posting location; after the spa interview, we will be placed by KKM to a particular STATE, the exact hospital which we will be posted to lies on the Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri (JKN) of the particular state. If you are placed in a certain state, (based on past examples), you will most likely be in the state for some time as cross-state transfer is very difficult indeed and you need really
valid reason or strong cable.

I am sure as resourceful as all bpharmers are (thanks to all the portfolios and PBLs)*cough*, you all would have done or must be doing your 'research' and are pondering over factors like:
-the love for clinical (hospital) or bureau?

higher allowance for those who from west malaysia who get placed in east malaysia (but higher chances of getting smaller districts in east malaysia in 2nd year)

You should MAXIMISE your chances of getting what you what by being willing to 'compromise'; you probably would like to
consider putting other state in the THREE choices that you have instead of filling them up with hospitals/institutions in kl/selangor (if you are from kl/selangor)

When I filled up my choice, I did it based on probability. If you look at the Second Schedule of your Registration of Pharmacists Act 1951, there is a list of premises that you can be posted to. There are
13 premises (10 hosps, bureau, bhg farmasi, cawangan penguat kuasa farmasi) in Selangor, 3 in WP Kuala Lumpur (I didn't know then that HKL is a 'separate entity', so in actual fact only Hosp Putrajaya and cawangan penguat kuasa farmasi fall under WP Kuala Lumpur).

Although there are hospitals like Hosp Tg. Karang, Kuala Kubu Baru, Banting and Sabak Bernam in Selangor, based on probability, Selangor is still the sensible choice (to me). At that time, I was thinking, how 'ngam' can it be, right? So I bit the bullet and never did take the middle ground.

I was posted to Hosp. Sabak Bernam (the furthest hosp in Selangor!!). Now, here are the probably-not-so-known-facts to you all:
a prp who is posted to district hospitals like Hosp Sabak Bernam, Hosp Banting will get to do their clinicals in Hosp Klang or Hosp Selayang! So if you get the place, don't think you will be missing out and quickly appeal for placement at another state. And as most seniors who get postings out of their home states will tell you, after some time, you will see past all the initial frustrations/disappointments.......

To me, getting over the posting (for those who do not get what they want) is indeed like the
Kubler-Ross Model: 5 Stages of Grief

1. Denial
'This can't be happening to me..... (name of state), I am not 'related' to it in any way (not even my parents' hometown)'

2. Anger

'Why me? It is not fair!!' 'He/she who................(fill in the blanks yourself) get that but I get this?'

3. Bargaining
'I'd rather be in that hospital in (name of state) although it is very hot!!'
'I don't mind working in (name of state) as I love the food there!'

4. Depression
[Thankfully, so far there is nobody that I know of who was in this stage]

5. Acceptance
'It is going to be alright. It is just one year'
'At least I get to come back on weekends'

So to bite the bullet or not to? to have a soft landing or not to? Please analyse the market yourself....the rumoured rough numbers of frps leaving gov service, the number of fresh graduates like you all going into the job market, any shortage in a certain state, the number of ppl with cables..... At the end of the day, there is just so much we can do, but we should still maximise our chance nonetheless. Wherever you may be,
do keep an open mind and embrace your profession with passion=)


  1. GW, they had their interview already, so left nothing could be done for the B106, if i m not mistaken; for the mpharm, this is a good advice.

    For the newly graduates, congratulation! i m totally agree with GW's comment n suggestion. try to be open-minded. after-all, u will probably love the posting u got after sumthing, n u wil think, it wasnt tat bad either.

    what u care most as a pharm? to serve the community? so is tat include where u wil be posted then? y not?

    working's life is not the same as student's life..u will c & view things from different perspective...u will be amazing, y u hvnt think of it before...

    if any1 wan some advice, can post here too. =)

    anyway, hv fun & enjoy the holiday =)

  2. wow their interview was fast! haha like u said this can be 'advice' for the mpharmer...but really, when I was over the posting location I realised the process is really like the 5 stages of grief.

  3. i have a feeling the 5 stages of grieve is going ot be back again coming september...

  4. lizzie,
    yes as much as I know we will eventually accept it, it is easier said than done to zoom straight on to the final stage....oh well, let's enjoy the few more months b4 we think about that..