Tuesday, February 16, 2010

MPS 43rd AGM & Seminar

First of all, we would like to wish you all a very Happy Chinese New Year! May we soar to greater heights in the year of the Tiger =)

The Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society (MPS) is having its 43rd Annual General Meeting & Seminar with the theme
'Transcending Pharmacy to Greater Heights':

Date: 19/3/10 (Fri)-21/4/10(Sun)
Venue: Berjaya Times Square Hotel, K.L.

session 1 & 5, it is FREE for MPS members.
More information on seminar registration fees & registration procedure HERE

Here are the programmes at a glance:
19/3/10 (Fri)
Session 1: Extra Optional Programme

Lecture 1: Hypertension & Antihypertensives: How low can you go? How high can you give?
Lecture 2: Role of enoxaparin in surgical thromboprophylaxis
Lecture 3: Treating schizophrenia in the government setting-cost vs. outcomes
Lecture 4: Ideal basal insulin

20/3/10 (Sat)
Session 2: Updates in Paediatric Pharmacy (1)
Lecture 5: Roles of pharmacists in paediatric unit
Lecture 6: Common paediatric problems in Malaysia
Lecture 7: Special symposium
Lecture 8: Safe prescribing in children
Lecture 9: Pharmacists involvement in neonatal ICU
Lecture 10: Special symposium

Session 3: 43rd MPS Annual General Meeting
-Election of the new Council Members

7.30 p.m.-11.00 p.m.:
Annual Dinner

21/3/10 (Sun)
Session 4: Updates in Paediatric Pharmacy (2)
Lecture 11: Pharmacist involvement in paediatric oncology
Lecture 12: Clinical pharmacokinetic monitoring in paediatric
Lecture 13: Special symposium
Lecture 14: Special symposium
Lectuer 15: Pharmacist involvement in paediatric asthma
Lecture 16: Treatment of common skin problems in paediatric
Lecture 17: Special symposium

Sesssion 5: Building Community Pharmacy Practices
Lecture 18: Community pharmacy-where we are heading
Lecture 19: Sponsored symposium
Lecture 20: Pharmacy-oriented services in the community
Lecture 21: Staying competitive through networking

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